Metal KD door frames are manufactured from cold rolled electrogalvanised sheet metal with  SIST EN 10152 quality and the designation DC01 EZ25/25 A-PC.

In most cases KD door frames consist of two parts – the basic and stop profile.

Other essential parts of the door frame are:

  • forend,
  • rebate,
  • groove for sealing rubber.

Door frame equipment:

  • door frame hinge,
  • sealing rubber,
  • lock striking plate.


A door hinge can be supplied on the basis of an individual agreement. Based on your order, different subconstructions can be fitted to KD door frames so that the final product is suitable for your choice of hinges, lock striking plates, additional bolting, and wedges for two-part door frames.


In the case of fanlight KD door frames, the door frame corners and joints for the transom are welded. All welds are treated in such a way that they cannot be detected and the final product is smooth. Metal KD door frames are not load-bearing elements.


KD door frames are suitable for rebated leaves, in which case they have a rebate depth of 30 mm, or for non-rebated leaves, in which case they have a rebate depth of 48 mm.


KD door frames are suitable for buildings that are the result of rapid construction, modern construction techniques, and special requirements. They are installed in apartments, hospitals, schools, nursery schools, shopping centres, industrial and business premises, tourist facilities, etc.


We offer many types of standard KD door frames. Based on your requirements, we also manufacture special profiles that are designed in the Autodesk Inventor 3D program before they are realised.


The surface of KD door frames is protected by a layer of powder coating in accordance with DIN 55633 and EN ISO 12944. A standard application of the coating achieves C2 category protection. A C3 category is recommended for KD door frames that are partly exposed to external conditions, which should be specified when ordering.

The basic colours of the coating are selected from the RAL colour chart, but in the case of larger orders it is possible to arrange for special colours according to your wishes.

KD door frames can also be manufactured from stainless sheet metal. Such door frames are suitable for rooms with specific requirements, e.g. where various chemicals are used for cleaning or where there is high humidity in the room causing corrosion – rust, oxidation.
KD door frames can be fitted with a lead coating for radiation protection.

Metal KD door frames have been tested at the Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute in Ljubljana:



Tensile strength

SIST EN 10130

Yield limit

SIST EN 10130

Corrosion resistance


Metal KD door frame advantages:

  • They are manufactured on superior hardware (CNC), which ensures precise manufacture and consequently the quality of the product.
  • Their corrosion protection is at a high level, which also contributes to their damage resistance.
  • The mounting of KD door frames is simple and fast.
  • They facilitate smooth closing of the door and a perfect fit of the leaf to the seal.


KD door frames can be installed in different walls.









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