Metal automatic sliding doors are a high-quality product. We manufacture them in accordance with the highest quality standards. The doors are characterised by their easy installation and safety of use. The shapes and lines allow for adaptability and enhance every room using a combination of colours. We manufacture many types of doors, which are characterised by their intended use.

KD automatic sliding doors can be:

  • single-leaf or double-leaf,
  • ordinary, airtight, or fire doors (EI130 or EI260),
  • solid or glass.


KD automatic sliding doors are suitable for installation in buildings that are the result of rapid construction, modern construction techniques, and special requirements. They are installed in apartments, hospitals, schools, nursery schools, shopping centres, industrial and business premises, tourist facilities etc.

We can manufacture all types of KD automatic sliding doors according to your chosen dimensions. All door models are carefully designed in the Autodesk Inventor 3D program.

For the manufacture of KD automatic sliding doors, we use cold rolled electrogalvanised sheet metal with EN 10152 quality and the designation DC01 EZ25/25 A-PC.

The surface of metal KD automatic sliding doors is protected by a layer of powder coating in accordance with DIN 55633 and EN ISO 12944. A standard application of the coating achieves C2 category protection. The basic colours of the coating are selected from the RAL colour chart, but in the case of larger orders it is possible to arrange for special colours according to your wishes.

Metal KD automatic sliding doors can also be manufactured from stainless sheet metal. They are particularly suitable for rooms where various chemicals are used for cleaning, or rooms with high humidity.

All KD automatic sliding doors are controlled by a Besam automatic mechanism by Assa Abloy Group.


KD automatic sliding doors advantages:

  • quality and precise manufacturing with superior hardware (CNC),
  • humidity resistance,
  • high corrosion protection, higher resistance to damage,
  • simple and quick installation,
  • smooth closing and perfect fit of leaf to seal,
  • smooth and elegant lines that suit every room.


We manufacture the following metal KD automatic sliding door models:




Metal solid automatic sliding fire door.


Metal automatic sliding fire door with glass.


Metal smoke control and airtight solid automatic sliding door.


KD automatic sliding door are not self-supporting elements, so they are installed in:

  • supporting masonry walls,
  • concrete walls,
  • prefabricated walls, in which case, depending on the size and weight of the door, the substructure must be adequately reinforced.


KD automatic sliding door can be installed in a variety of walls:





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