As a manufacturer of metal fire doors, we want to remain a company that successfully faces the challenges of modern times and sets guidelines in the field of fire doors.
As a manufacturer of dual axis solar trackers, we want to become a visible player in energy development and use our experience to change trends in the industry, as well as drawing the attention of large investors to the idea of setting up solar power plants with dual axis solar trackers on plots of land.


We are a manufacturing company that provides:

  • high quality and reliable products which increase safety and raise building standards,
  • a short response time,
  • professionalism,
  • tidiness,
  • good working conditions for employees, etc. 


Development strategy

Over the years we have striven for progress and development, which is reflected in the quality that we offer. Continuous investment in development and the monitoring of trends in the field of construction, as well as the implementation of market analyses, guide us towards new markets.

In the future we want to strengthen our cooperation with architects and developers and provide comprehensive solutions in the areas of our product range.

Through our doors into a brighter (safe) future. (Vinko P.)

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