We are a modern family business with modern production facilities and equipment. This allows us to adapt to all situations that arise in the construction sector.

The quality of our products is particularly well-known in the Slovenian market. We have convinced customers through our quick responsiveness and reliability. We manufacture products on the basis of individual orders for known customers. We proudly offer products that are intended for all types of buildings
(apartment blocks, hotels, production facilities, hospitals, nursery schools, schools, residential houses ...).

An important advantage is our quick adaptability to a particular situation or demand. What distinguishes us is our short manufacturing time for non-standard doors, which cannot be provided in a sufficiently short time by large companies that use serial production. We are a company that successfully faces the challenges of modern times and sets standards in the field of fire doors.

Your idea/wish is our challenge. (Primož P.)

Deržič Rudolf, s. p.
Veliki Obrež 3
8257 Dobova
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