Metal KD flood doors are a high-quality product. We manufacture them in accordance with the highest quality standards.

All KD flood door models are carefully designed in the Autodesk Inventor 3D program.

For the manufacture of metal KD flood doors, we use metal with EN S235JR quality.  

The surface of metal sheet metal doors is protected by a layer of powder coating in accordance with DIN 55633 and EN ISO 12944. A standard application of the coating achieves C3 category protection. A C3 category is recommended for doors that are exposed to external conditions. The basic colours of the coating are selected from the RAL colour chart, but in the case of larger orders it is possible to arrange for special colours according to your wishes

Metal KD flood doors are not self load-bearing elements.

The doors are installed in watertight concrete walls.

Metal door advantages:

  • quality and precise manufacturing with superior hardware (CNC),
  • humidity resistance,
  • high corrosion protection, higher resistance to damage,
  • smooth closing and perfect fit of leaf to seal.

KD flood doors ensure complete safety of the building in the event of floods.

Residential house in the immediate vicinity of the Krka river

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