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Dual-axis sun trackers guarantee ideal sun tracking and ensure constant perpendicular fall of sun’s rays to the surface of photovoltaic modules. This also ensures over 35% higher production of electric energy with regard to the static installation of solar power stations. This means that after the investment return period the investor will welcome an essentially higher output.

Dual-axis tracker has two control options:

  • Time tracking, which operates on the principle of astrology software. The software is programmed on the basis of latitude and longitude to track the angle of sun in relation to the Earth’s surface.
  • Light tracking works on the principle of searching for the strongest light source.


Both of the above described options enable precise sun tracking, which results in 30% higher production of electric energy.

The air freely circulates around trackers, which ensures effective cooling of modules with air flow, and this further contributes to effective operation of the power plant.

The sun tracker also has an installed wind protection, whereby in windy weather at the speed of 70km/h, the panel with photovoltaic modules turns in a horizontal position, where wind resistance is the weakest. When weather conditions improve, it returns to its proper position towards the sun.

The tracker construction enables fast and easy assembly. So, it is appropriate for the assembly of any other modules and inverters. If needed, the dimensions of the construction can be quickly adapted.

They are made of the highest-quality materials, which guarantee long service life and enable installation of trackers under extreme weather conditions and on demanding locations. The construction is made of hot-dip zinc coated steel, whereas holders for the assembly of photovoltaic modules are made of aluminium. The warranty for the construction is 25 years. Long service life of trackers guarantees safety of investment.

There is practically no maintenance required during operation. Periodical examination of construction and motors, as well as possible “greasing” of rotating parts are equal to very low maintenance costs.

But most of our attention has been focused on the concrete base, the dimensions of which can be adapted to the installation on the surface, which is not particularly compacted, such as covered landfill sites. Ground load does not reach even 0.5kg/cm2. Due to its dimensions it is not sensitive to ground settlement and the appearance of hollows due to possible sinking of waste.

KD32-2X dual-axis trackers are the result of an organized production process, which ensures product traceability. With the use of modern technology we guarantee high quality products.

Our company is also environmentally-aware, and for this reason the production of the tracker included only materials (steel and aluminium) 99.9% of which can be recycled after use. We also need to stress the fact that after approximately three years the dual-axis sun tracker is amortized in terms of energy, which means the same amount of energy is generated as was consumed for the installation of the tracker (concrete, construction, electric material, etc.).

The important advantage of trackers is an almost inaudible operation, which will not disturb the neighbouring people nor in any other way affect the quality of their lives.

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